QUESTION: Household Goods (HHG) Shipment and Transportation. A spouse described the Army's pattern of HHG contract carriers as grossly negligent, and asked for a solution and accountability.

ANSWER: To improve the HHG movement experience for Soldiers and Family members, the Army is focusing on short and long term changes to how the process is conducted. In the short term (by the 2019 peak move season), the Army will: Raise the minimum execution of HHG quality assurance inspection rates to from 25% to 50% in order to ensure transportation service provider compliance with packing standards; increase the use of containerized shipments to reduce loss, pilferage, and/or damage to HHGs; and, in coordination with USTRANSCOM, provide Soldiers and Families access to an online HHG carrier list with their associated customer satisfaction scores and a 24/7 hotline to address Soldier and Family move concerns.

Long term (beyond the 2019 peak move season) the Army is focusing on broader structural changes to the HHGs movement process. To address quality assurance challenges, the Army is requesting funding to support the hiring of additional quality assurance inspectors. When feasible, the Army will increase the average PCS order lead time and shift PCS report dates out of the peak move season in order to allow more flexibility in transportation service provider selection.