Area Yongsan OFF LIMITS As of 02 January 2019The following off-post establishments and areas are off limits by order of the USAG Yongsan-Casey Commander:Abbreviation Codes: (P/HT) = Prostitution/Human Trafficking; (FP) = Force Protection; (BP) = Business Practices; (D) = Controlled Substances; (H/S) = Health/Safety; (UAG) = Underage DrinkingOHLALA (No signs on BLDG) (P/HT-23OCT05) LAURA (Formerly Joy) (PHT-06JUN07) STARS (P/HT-09MAY05) SHAMROCK (P/HT-16JUN05) AMBROSIA (P/HT-16MAY03) ITAEWON MOTEL (Formally KUM SUNG MOTEL) (FP-09MAY05) VIEW HOTEL P/HT-12MAR03) XO (FormallySS) (PHT- 06JUN07) APPLE (P/HT-23OCT05) LILY (P/HT-09MAY05) ZOO MANZI (Formerly TALK SHOW) (P/HT-29NOV06) Venus Trans-gender (P/HT -- 12MAR03) BAR J (No sign on BLDG) (P/HT-12MAR03) AVANT GARDE (Previously MISSISSIPPI ) (P/HT-29NOV06) TEXAS P/HT-12MAR03) CLOSED CANDY BAR (UAG -- 20JUN14) Bar "O" (Formerly Déjà vu) (P/HT-12MAR03) MOONSHINE (P/HT-12MAR03) TRANS CAFÉ (P/HT-21JUL03) "MIARI Texas", Red Light District AREA (P/HT) (SEONGBUK-GU) CHEERS (P/HT-21JUL03) DO JO TRANSGENDER (Formally WITH ME) P/HT-28JUL04) TOP (PHT-06JUN07) DMC (FP) (29OCT04) (GANGNAM, UNDER NOVOTEL HOTEL) D'STAIRS (P/HT-16FEB06) NUMBER ONE (P/HT-12MAR03) TRANS BAR GALLERY (Formerly Today) (P/HT-23OCT05) Club Massive (FP), 13 August 2018 CC Bar (P/HT -- 20JUN14) NYMPH (P/HT-12MAR03) LADY BAR (formerly VENUS CLUB) (P/HT-25AUG05) (CLOSED) DONG-IN INN (P/HT-12MAR03) PANDORA (Formerly Peach Fuzz) (P/HT-13OCT05) VIP CLUB (P/HT-28JUL04) TEXAS (Formally BAR EVERGREEN (P/HT-12 MAY03) HAPPY DAYS (P/HT-12MAY03) YES CLUB (P/HT-12MAR03)