FORT DRUM, New York (Jan. 2, 2019) -- This Christmas, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command team at Fort Drum, New York, took a break from contracting metrics, annual training requirements and other work-related tasks to spread some holiday cheer.Members of the 925th Contracting Battalion and MICC-Fort Drum partnered with a local charity to sponsor a family in need during the Christmas season."I am very proud of the efforts that were put into this by the team on short notice," said Sgt. Maj. T.J. Higgs, the 925th CBN sergeant major. "It is a great feeling to know that on Christmas morning a mother and her two young daughters are having the same experience in their home as we are all having in each of our homes."Civilian and military team members came together to generously donate more than 50 gifts -- plus food items -- to present to their adopted family on Christmas Eve. This included contributions from the battalion's 636th Contracting Team at Fort Polk, Louisiana."My team and I jumped at the opportunity to share in contributing to this family's Christmas," said Capt. Keia Hurt, 636th CT lead. "To think that our small contribution could in any way have a positive impact on this mother and her children is a reminder that every act of service counts, no matter how small."MICC members at Fort Drum were honored to partner with the Watertown Urban Mission, a nonprofit institution that has served the local community for more than 50 years. Through generous donor and volunteer support, the organization runs social programs that help feed the hungry, clothe the needy, give shelter to the homeless, aid the sick, provide transportation for the working and more.Like the Watertown Urban Mission, the basic tenets of service and community are also important to the 925th CBN."Giving back and helping those in your community is exactly what Christmas is all about and should be continued year round," said Lt. Col. Jessie Griffith, the 925th CBN commander. "Anything that can be done, no matter how big or small, means an awful lot to the people being helped. It gave our entire team a great sense of pride to be able to reach and help make the holidays a little brighter for a local family from the North Country."About the MICC: Headquartered at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command consists of about 1,500 military and civilian members who are responsible for contracting goods and services in support of Soldiers as well as readying trained contracting units for the operating force and contingency environment when called upon. MICC contracts are vital in feeding more than 200,000 Soldiers every day, providing many daily base operations support services at installations, facilitate training in the preparation of more than 100,000 conventional force members annually, training more than 500,000 students each year, and maintaining more than 14.4 million acres of land and 170,000 structures.