FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. - The Fort Campbell Office of the Staff Judge Advocate celebrated the 242nd anniversary of the United States Army Judge Advocates Corps, here July 27.
The U.S. Army JAG Corps was founded by General George Washington on July 29, 1775. The U.S. Army JAG Corps, is the oldest law firm in the United States.
"It's always a great day to celebrate JAG corps birthday," said Col. Andras Marton, staff judge advocate, 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell. "To celebrate this day and celebrate the heritage of our great regiment is really an honor for me personally, and for my family."
Judge advocates occupying the position of SJA, serve on the special and personal staff of general officers in command and who are general court-martial convening authorities, in other words, who have the authority to convene a general court-martial. Staff judge advocates advise commanders on the full range of legal matters encountered in government legal practice and provide advice on courts-martial as required by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Susan Dyer, author of "Lincolns Advocate: The Life of Judge Joseph Holt", was invited to the event as the guest speaker. Dyer spoke about her journey writing her book, which was published in 1997. Her book follows the life of Judge Joseph Holt, judge advocate general of the Army during the President Abraham Lincoln assassination trial.
Dyer is involved in the restoration process of Holt's home in Kentucky, a project which has taken years to accomplish and is still underway.
"This project has changed my life, and the life of our community," said Dyer. "Together we have saved a national treasure and developed partners with the Army."
"I have now met a match from somebody who does not wear the uniform, but shares the passion of our great history and preserving it," said Marton.
At the conclusion of her speech, Dyer shared a quote from Holt himself.
"It is encouraged to know that behind every cloud, the sun still shines, that if we are patient, every cloud will see its light again, on behalf of Judge Holt Happy Birthday Army JAG."
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