Veterinarians, Scientists and Entomologists from Public Health Command Europe recently supported the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Literacy night at Ramstein Intermediate School.To encourage and support STEAM efforts at home, in school and in the community, Ramstein Intermediate School's Parent Teacher Association and RIS Reading Committee worked with Erin Twamley, an educator and STEAM children's book author, to put together their first STEAM Literacy night for students in grades third through fifth.Service members from PHCE supported the event and introduced the students to their various STEAM career fields, to include environmental health, veterinary service and entomology."It's a great way for children to learn about what we do," said Maj. Amanda Cline, PHCE Chief of Entomology. "STEAM Literacy night provides a great chance for us to introduce different professions, which are available in the civilian world but also in the military, to children. Since this was a literacy night, children learned about STEAM careers by reading stories about fields like entomology and veterinary care. As a mother myself, I enjoy showing and teaching my children about new things. A night like this is great for that."Twamley says that STEAM career fields are typically dominated by males, and events like these help change that mindset."It's important that young girls understand that they can do these STEAM jobs, too," Twamley said. "Because of that we have STEAM literacy nights at schools which encourage families to open books to learn more about science, technology, engineering, arts and math."Over 12 career fields were represented. Each career field had their own table with books and artifacts which visualized the STEAM jobs. Many children visited the veterinarian table and were curious about the cockroaches from the entomology department.Sophie Miller, a fourth grader at Ramstein Intermediate School, wanted to attend STEAM Literacy night because she likes to learn new things, especially when it comes to science."I love science. Last Christmas I got a science kit from Santa," said Miller. "I like doing experiments with the help of my parents. It was great meeting scientists that let me play with their black light and let me see through the microscope."Miller said she was fascinated by the PHCE laboratory science department."I got some powder on my hands, then I washed them and afterwards we looked at my hands with the black light to see if I properly washed my hands," she said. "I missed some spots and there were a lot of germs left."PHCE provides comprehensive public health and veterinary medical services to enable readiness and protect the health of our military forces and their families.For more information on PHCE, visit Check with your child's school for more information on future STEAM events.