The sting of a paintball doesn't intimidate SPC Jason Scott.

"Paintball is a sport for those who love an adrenaline rush - you get bumps and bruises, but it's worth it," said Scott, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment. "You go out and hunt other players knowing they are just as sneaky as you are."

Scott suits up in camouflage, a mask and arms himself with paintballs and a gun every Sunday to play paintball at Woodland Paintball Area on Main Post.

Scott, who has played paintball for a year, said he would play paintball every hour of the day if he could because it relieves stress. He has a philosophy on playing a good game of paintball.
"Hide really well and run really fast," he said. "The key is to hit the other player with a paintball before he hits you."

SSG Isaac Duncanson said the key to winning is accuracy.

"You don't have to shoot a lot of paintballs, you just have to be accurate," he said. "And finding a good hiding spot is important too. I usually hide, wait for other players to come toward me, and shoot them from behind."

Chaplain (MAJ) Richard Garvey, who has played paintball for three years and plays paintball every Sunday, enjoys the tactical part of paintball, he said.

"I like figuring out how I can outsmart the other players and come up with different strategies to outmaneuver the other team," he said.

The more people playing the better, he said. The number of players has dwindled since the winter and the paintball group is always looking for more players.

Everyone is invited, whether they are experts or beginners, Garvey said.

The paintball group meets at 1 p.m. every Sunday at Woodland Paintball Area on Dixie Road, except when it rains.

Players can bring their own paintball supplies or rent paintball supplies from Outdoor Recreation with a military ID, but they must be rented by Saturday because Outdoor Recreation is closed on Sundays. The paintball rental is $30 with a $30 deposit and includes a gun, mask, hopper, 500 paintballs and a 20-ounce carbon dioxide tank. For more information on rentals, call 706-545-7978.

Scott also offers rentals at $30 each, but doesn't include paintballs. Scott said there are no reservations required to play, just show up. Players should wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, a vest, boots or sneakers and camouflage.

For more information, e-mail Scott at