FORT KNOX, Kentucky -- Fort Knox's Lindsey Golf Course and its snack bar closed Dec. 14 for the season.

While employees are planning to reopen the golf course March 1, 2019, Kyle Twomey, Lindsey manager, said the reopening date of the snack bar remains undecided.

"We won't know until after the New Year what will happen with the snack bar," Twomey said. "Current members can still play golf; that is still in the works. [The snack bar] doesn't do much business when the weather gets bad and golf slows down -- and it really slows down this time of year."

Twomey said inclement weather has had an impact on much of the season.

On Dec. 18, the Weather Channel wrote that as of Dec. 16, Louisville, Kentucky had posted an "impressive year-to-date precipitation surplus" of 23.21 inches from previous years. Throughout parts of the East and Midwest, precipitation has reached historic record-breaking levels.

"That really affected business. We had 46 days when no one played golf," Twomey said.

Twomey said they're already planning for next season.

"We're offering new incentives to bolster our membership base. … We [will] launch our new Gold Member Program, and the first 150 members [who] sign up get a gift package with new member incentives. They will get a gift of more than $50 and any member who brings in a new member in 2019 will get a $50 gift card. Additionally, the new member gets their first lesson with our golf pro for free, and that's another $50 value."

Old and new members will also experience something new at the reopening in March.

"We're redesigning the pro shop, which will open up more space and provide a new look and a new feel," Twomey said. "We're bringing in new equipment and apparel."

According to Twomey, Lindsey Golf Course is considered one of Kentucky's premier courses.

"I've worked with the PGA and travelled all over Kentucky running golf tournaments. Out of the 75 plus I've been to, Lindsey Golf Course is easily one of the top five in the state and is the best golf course in the immediate area," Twomey said. "It's worth it to get the year pass. With it you get scanned at the gate, and the course is right there. Present that to me and you get a round of golf with a cart for free.

"Now, we're hoping for better weather."