Reemployed Annuitants are a huge part of our USACE workforce. This cadre, is comprised of retired Federal Civil Service employees who provide readily available support in the event of natural or man-made disasters and for other important USACE missions as needed.

One of those other important USACE missions is that of Contingency Operations.

Ms. Bonnie Corbin, rehired annuitant out of Omaha, Neb. answered the call to deploy and just completed yet another tour serving overseas.

From January 28, 2017 through December 11, 2018 Corbin performed outstanding service as the Executive Officer in support of Operation FREEDOM's SENTINEL for the USACE Afghanistan District.

For her selfless service she redeployed with the Commander's Award for Civilian Service being applauded for her unparalleled support in orchestrating multiple project visit movements for the Commander and Distinguished Visitors.

In fact, because of her attention to detail and meticulous method of how she welcomed incoming Visitors, the command has named one of the Distinguished Visitor Suites as the "Bonnie Corbin Suite". "I'm humbled to have a room named in my honor," said Corbin.

She was also lauded for her coordination of senior leader deliberations, and the skillful completion of numerous other District-wide activities by working closely with personnel within USFOR-A and RS-HQs. Corbin solicited inputs, created agendas, and facilitated meetings for the command.

Resolute Support Colonel Marvin Griffin had presented her with a command coin and a Certificate of Appreciation for her tremendous support and hard work in planning and executing the fall 2018 CJOA-A Strategic Basing Conference.

When Distinguished Visitors arrived to the Afghanistan District headquarters, there were many who would know Ms. Corbin by her name, most because they had served with her in the past. She has been around the USACE environment a long time, but now it is her time to enjoy family, friends, and maybe even retirement.

Congratulations to the person known as "Mama" not only at the Afghanistan District and throughout the theater, but also throughout the USACE footprint, no pun intended Bonnie.