In support of the Combined Federal Campaign's Volunteerism this campaign season Colonel Jason Evers, Huntington District Commander, authorized two hours of administrative leave and encouraged the use of liberal leave for the Huntington District Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC) Charity Day, November 30, 2018. This allowed all employees to pledge their time to a CFC Charity in the local area.

In order to maximize the District's impact at various charities, several offices grouped together. The CFC Committee demonstrated their creativity by finding solutions to support the local chapters of the charities with volunteer opportunities. "If you're wondering about the pledge of hours -- the CFC converts your volunteer hours to dollars," said Ingrid Burnette, CFC Committee Chair. "So to elaborate on the Committee being creative, the local chapters received the benefits of the volunteer hours but some of the codes used were chapters located elsewhere that received the credit," she added.

District Office, Sutton Lake, and Beech Fork Lake employees participated in volunteer opportunities with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.; Habitat for Humanity; Salvation Army; Boys and Girls Club; the Ronald McDonald House; and, the Mountaineer Food Bank.

Sutton Lake employees who volunteered at the Mountaineer Food Bank included: Dylan Johnson, Ricky Bragg, Patricia Jones, Mark Hancock, Brandy Acord, and David Rexroad.

The Sutton Lake crew packaged both fresh and prepared food products. The team packaged 150 bags of West Virginia grown apples, 150 bags of onions, and a pallet of Nutrisystem based emergency food boxes. This food will be used throughout the state at FEMA emergency food distribution locations. The project staff was extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the event and give back to not only the local community, but the state as a whole.

Employees who Volunteered Habitat for Humanity included: Denise Napier, Mindy Goad, Flo Watts, Ron Saunders, Crystal Napier, Teffany Stamper, Jeanie Wilson, Stormie Roberts, Rachel King, Chris Fleming, Wes Barnett, Lee Robinette, Emma Kist, and Todd Mitchell.

They worked on "Pam's House". For recipients' of a Habitat House volunteer, a married couple must do at least 450 hours of volunteer work, and a single person 250 hour; half must be done before they get to pick out the lot for their house to be built on.

"I love volunteer help, said Habitat's Tyrone Nelson. "At first most volunteers think they are in the way but after a few minutes with a hammer and they are a big help which adds up." He helped build his own house 5 years ago and continues to give back. Tyrone volunteered more than 1,650 hours before his house was completed 5 years ago.

The Beech Fork and District employees who brought Community Awareness to Project Healing Waters were Connie Conrad, Lt. Cortland Henderson, Raynell Napier, and Joe Savage. At a local restaurant, spoke with patrons about the work that Project Healing Waters does for area veterans while they tied flies for fishing.

District employees that volunteered with the Salvation Army include: Vicky Rowsey, Mary Day, Kristina Goff, Elizabeth Cooper, Bernardo Urbaez, Lea Bodmer, Melanie Reynolds, Anita Bradburn, MacKenzie Vance, Kennon Clarkson, Carla Swain, Jeanne Ann Mullins, Dawn Haynes, Christy Hutchinson, and Charli Morgan. The volunteers were setup in an area to organize surplus toys. This is used "so every Kid gets as close as what they asked for" for Christmas. "We have around 1,136 children in 527 families that we help at our location," said Salvation Army Lieutenant Liz Blusiewicz.

Some district employees volunteered at two separate Boys and Girls Clubs where they spent their afternoon making crafts, playing games, and provided treat bags to around 120 children. These volunteers included: Colonel Evers, Sharon Lewis, Caron Whaley, Carolyn "CJ" Jones, Katrina Dowis, Kelly Finch, Bradley Stark, Emily Click, Nathan Austrian, Billi Belcher, Charli Morgan, and Ingrid Burnette.

Employees that volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House included: Joe Prino, Paul Langdon, James Gutzmer, Rebecca Bennett, Ken Woodard, Kevin Mullins, Alec McIntosh, Jacob Sowards, Laura Ferguson, Natalie McKinley, Megan Thompson, Megan Wilburn, Ashley Stephens, Kimberly Carr, Nathan White, Jami Buchanan, Joe Trimboli, Jay-Aya-ay, and Rebecca Rutherford. The volunteers baked cookies, cleaned rooms, landscaped, and organized/cleaned the kid's play areas.

"This was a great way to serve the community and contribute to the Combined Federal Campaigns," said Colonel Jason Evers, District Commander.