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CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea --Holiday Spending Q & A with JooSam Yu, Camp Humphreys ACS financial readiness program manager.

What are some of the common money mistakes that you see service members make during the holiday season?

1. No track of money - Not knowing where your money is going is bad. Budgeting helps you discover what you are overspending and make adjustments.

2. Overextending - Because you have a consistent paycheck, it doesn't mean you need to be spending that much. Utilize your paycheck to build a rainy day fund and plan in advance for PSCing, travel, working towards a nice car or home buying.

3. Not knowing the power of compound interest from Thrift Saving Plan -- Gift to yourself. When you invest your money, it earns interest. That interest then earns more interest. You will be amazed how much your interest earns over years.

What advice would you give people about spending during the holiday season?

1. Make a spreadsheet - track your holiday expenditures. By establishing a budget and entering your real expenses, you can easily prevent overspending.

2. Know when to stop - Make a shopping list, and when your list is finished, it is time to stop shopping.

3. Take advantage of Sales - Holiday sales can be a good opportunity to save money, but compare the price with other sales before you purchase an item.

4. Get a head start - The time right after the holidays is the perfect time on purchasing d├ęcor, wrapping goods, and gift for next year.