FORT KNOX, Kentucky -- Fort Knox has changed the date for its Installation Ammunition Amnesty Day.

Held at the Motorcycle Training Range in Bldg. 9383 on Frazier Road, near the Recycling Center, the day was changed from Dec. 5 to Dec. 12 because of the National Day of Mourning honoring former President George H.W. Bush.

Wendy Steinhoff, with the Garrison Safety Office, said intent of the day remains the same: to provide a no-fault event for munitions from ammunition to explosives to be turned in and disposed of.

"In accordance with DA PAM 385-64 and DA Pam 700-16, Ammunition Amnesty day will be without fear of penalty or prosecution," Steinhoff said, in a written statement. "No question[s] will be asked of the person turning in the [ammunition or explosives], nor will there be any record made of who turned in [at the] amnesty."
Steinhoff said there are multiple reasons for turn-in and that all are accepted.

"The purpose of the Army's A&E Amnesty Program is to allow personnel to turn in any A&E in their possession that they are not legally allowed to have," Steinhoff said. "The amnesty process gets the material back into the proper supply channels."

The following are some reasons Steinhoff provided for turning in ammunition:

* Keep Fort Knox and the community safe and free of ammunition and explosives that personnel are not legally allowed to have
* If the ammunition is more than 10 years old
* If the ammunition has been kept in a hot or moist environment
* If owners no longer have a firearm or pistol for the caliber of ammunition
* If the ammunition is deformed in any way

Steinhoff said the Installation Safety Office and Quality Assurance Specialist Ammunition Surveillance will be accepting amnesty turn-in. Any and all questions may be directed to (502) 624-2836.