A few years ago, Team Tobyhanna set out to change the face of electronics maintenance, taking inspiration from the past and present to reshape its future.The results of the massive, multi-million dollar modernization project were unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday. The new Electronics Maintenance Enclosure provides a revitalized, accommodating and comfortable workspace for personnel supporting the joint warfighter.The event was attended by CECOM commanding general, Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor, distinguished visitors, depot leaders and members of the workforce."Tobyhanna's responsibilities are vast and critical to the mission," Taylor said, adding that the quality of work performed here is indicative of how much the workforce cares about the Soldiers. "The breath of operations here to sustain, overhaul, fabricate, engineer and provide worldwide logistics support for the Army's massive fleet of communications and intelligence systems is extraordinary -- this building is the heart of it all."This enclosure will be home to hundreds of employees who will reap the benefits of the innovative ideas used to create a state-of-the-art and eco-friendly environment. Tobyhanna's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, was the motivation behind employing green technologies such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design -- more commonly known as LEED -- to enhance the energy efficiency of the building's systems."These enhanced design features will significantly improve the quality of work environment for depot employees," said Col. Nathan Swartz, depot commander. "The true benefit behind this modernization project will be realized by the men and women serving our nation."The high-tech facility, originally built in the early 1950s, was designed in line with current trends and best industry practices. The engineers included new work benches and tool cabinets to create a more productive workspace. In addition, the space boasts a new locker room and two new break areas. The room has improved lighting and the open floor plan offers flexibility to modify the space to meet the needs of future workload.The 30,000-square-foot enclosure boasts a raised floor that can be easily reconfigured for changing mission needs and is certified according to aerospace quality standards and electrostatic discharge requirements.There are more than 180,000 Soldiers deployed in over 140 countries supporting numerous contingency operations."Team Tobyhanna has an obligation to provide every one of those Soldiers the absolute best C4ISR support available on the battlefield while anticipating future requirements," said Frank Zardecki, deputy depot commander. "Modernized facilities and equipment are a critical link in our ability to support those requirements."Investing in the future of Tobyhanna Army Depot and the workforce is critical to its success, according to senior leaders. True to the organizations vision of becoming the Department of Defense's Worldwide C4ISR Readiness Provider, Today, Tomorrow, and into the Future, this modernization project is just one of the many examples of how the depot is postured to sustain the military's requirements well into the future."Team Tobyhanna's shared sense of purpose, vision and core values allow us to accomplish big things. Just take a look around," said Swartz.