Kloser is the workforce development specialist for the proving ground's West Desert Test Center. Knudson is the Equal Employment Opportunity officer, disability program manager and alternate dispute resolution manager for the proving ground's garrison.Reasonable Accommodation provides what the disabled employee needs to do their job as they were hired to do. Such accommodation might include a specialized chair, lighting, printed checklist of daily tasks, a phone for the hearing impaired, etc."The main thing, and the main goal for the Army, is to keep a viable and agile work force," Kloser said. "We are not looking to remove someone. We are looking at helping you to be a success, and meet our mission goals and our needs."The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission allows an employer to deny a Reasonable Accommodation if it's too costly, burdensome to the organization or creates a safety hazard. Reasonable Accommodation must be requested by the employee it would benefit. The request is a private document, accessible only by those within the process.Reasonable Accommodation is about going forward, so poor past performance cannot be negated. "We deal with 'Where do we go from here?' and what can we do about that," Knudson said. "Not meeting standards in the past -- (the employee) may be held accountable for that."Employees are urged to update their SF256 form, available in CPAC, indicating whether the employee is handicapped and to what degree. The SF256 notes there are 51 people on Dugway with a disability, and one with a severe disability, Knudson said.Knudson noted that more and more disabled military members are being allowed to stay in the service, thanks to advances in prosthetics and other aids."It doesn't have to be that I can't do my job, or can't serve my country anymore," Knudson said. "That's what Reasonable Accommodation is about."Chief of Staff Vince Liddiard was the Oct. 30 event's master of ceremony. Sgt. Brandon Clonts, chaplain's assistant, offered the invocation. Col. Brant Hoskins, commander of Dugway Proving Ground, gave closing remarks and presented Kloser and Knudson with framed Dugway Proving Ground Certificates of Appreciation for being speakers.