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The Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program partners with the Virginia Department of Motor Transportation to bring mobile DMV services to Soldiers, retirees, civilians, and their Families. This service is one of many unique offerings at JBM-HH SFL-TAP. The range of services provided are bolstered by local partnerships, including offerings from the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and Arlington County.

The DMV service in particular, is popular. Transition Services Manager Carlos Rodriguez said that the program is unique to the joint base. The root of its success is its accessibility, Rodriguez said.

"It's more convenient to the people we serve," he said. "I have used it, it is excellent. It is a success story for Soldiers."

When on the joint base, the DMV mobile unit is located in the Spates Community Club parking lot off McNair Road on Fort Myer. The mobile unit on location provides all services a regular DMV provides. Rodriguez said no appointments are needed.

Rodriguez added that this service is currently only available to Virginia government ID card holders. He said that if the district or Maryland offered similar services, he would consider inviting them to the joint base.

SFL-TAP's partnership with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services supports services that the joint base offers, adding a local perspective to the job search.

"Because the services we are getting are connected with Virginia jobs, Virginia Department of Veterans Services can help tailor resumes to local opportunities Soldiers would like to apply to," said Rodriguez.

"Representatives from the Virginia Department of Veterans Services … The hour a representative put into helping a Soldier is much appreciated. The Soldiers really appreciate the time that has been taken to help them out."

Another avenue of assistance that is unique to JBM-HH is its partnership with Arlington County. While SFL-TAP has partnered with Arlington County in the past, Rodriguez said in December an offsite program will begin onsite on JBM-HH. The program will be a weekly assistance program with the Arlington Employment Center, which will provide career counseling, job search assistance, skills training, and more.

Rodriguez encourages Soldiers to seek out these services and more at the SFL-TAP offices on JBM-HH. If transitioning Soldiers haven't looked into it already, Rodriguez recommended looking into the Army Careers Skills Program, which provides transitioning service members to participate in employment skills training internships. Soldiers participating in this program must be within 180 days of discharge or release of service.

Rodriguez said the SFL-TAP offices offer something for everyone.

"We never turn a veteran down, whether they served recently, or 20 years ago," he said.

"We are called Soldier for Life, that means our services should be here for a Soldier's life."