TAJI, Iraq - Iraqi Policemen at the Tarmiyah Police Station here, learned some useful techniques in first aid from Soldiers of the 591st Military Police Company, 93rd MP Battalion, 8th MP Brigade, May 16.

The training focused on controlling bleeding from an arm or leg, according to Pfc. Evan Mead, from Londonderry, N.H., a medic with 591st MP Co.

"We trained them up on gauze pads, the [Emergency Trauma Dressing] and the tourniquet," said Pfc. Andrew Van Cleave, an assistant medic with 591st MP Co. "This is their first exposure to [Combat Lifesaver] training."

The IPs listened as Soldiers, with the help of an interpreter, went through the steps of bleeding control. They asked questions testing the Iraqis' knowledge of the material.

"What if the leg is broken'" an IP asks as the 591st Soldiers talk through applying a tourniquet to the leg. "Wouldn't you want to make sure the leg is stabilized'"

"You can tell they're paying close attention when they ask questions like that," explained Van Cleave, from Junction City, Kansas. "These guys are on it."

When the Soldiers finished with their instruction, they invited the IPs to come up and get some hands-on training with the materials. One person acted as a casualty while two others treated a "severely bleeding" arm and leg.

"They respond really well," said Van Cleave. "If you tell them to do something, they just do it without asking why or how."

After everyone had gone through the hands-on portion, the Soldiers asked if everyone was satisfied and understood the instruction. They replied with smiles and nods.

Before dismissing their students, Mead left them with some words of wisdom. "We appreciate the chance to come and teach you guys," he said to the assembled IPs. "We hope you will take this training and teach it to your brothers and hopefully, one day, you might save somebody's life by using what you learned today."

The 591st MPs moved out from the Tarmiyah IP Station, leaving a seed of knowledge in their wake. Though it may be a small step, it is still a step in the right direction for the mission of making the Iraqi Security Forces self-sufficient and able to save a life if needed.