FORT BENNING, Ga. (Nov. 20, 2018) -- In this week's Chaplain's Corner, Chaplain (Capt.) Isaac L. Shubert Jr., chaplain for 3rd Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment (OCS), talks about being thankful during a difficult time in his life.


As the season changes we should learn to be forever thankful for each day that God allows us to breathe the air we breathe. As the holiday season approaches we need to remember how good and how great our God is. God has brought us all through some challenging times this year but He continues to bless us and keep us in His perfect peace and His perfect will.

Though we are not worthy of the blessings, God is still gracious towards us. In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, we see that in this life there is a time and purpose for everything. A time when we are to be born and a time for us to depart from this place. A time when we are going to need God's divine healing in our life. A season and a time for us to weep and to laugh. Time for us to embrace our loved ones and enjoy the blessing of them being in our life.

During a trying time in my life I had to learn how to be thankful. My mother had suffered another stroke and I had to practice what I preach to everyone else about how God provides and how we are to be thankful for the life changing experiences that happen to us. I had to learn first and foremost how to be thankful for God allowing my mother still to be a part of my life. Many people forget that God allows things to happen in our lives to draw us near and dear to Him. In this difficult time in my life I had to stay before the Lord in prayer. In my praying and fasting I had to be thankful each day that I got to spend another opportunity with my mother.

Watching this stubborn old lady drop to her lowest of lows and still keep fighting daily for her life was a constant battle for me but I had to put it in God's hand. In allowing God to be in control I saw firsthand His miraculous power. I saw God take my mother from not being able to use her limbs to eventually regaining activity in her limbs through her falling and breaking her hip. As each day went by I saw firsthand her faithfulness still to worship and praise God. Her faith allowed me to be thankful for His undying grace and mercy.

From this life-changing event I learned we have to be thankful for the good and bad things that happen in our life. I personally learned through this experience that we should cherish all moments as if they were our last. Never to feel that we will be in our earthly bodies forever but to remember that there is a time and season for everything under heaven. My prayer for you is after you read this article that you continue to seek God and learn to be thankful for every moment of your life. Be blessed and may God cause His face to shine on you and yours.