As of Nov. 12, the federal benefits open season that TRICARE has been touting for months is open until Dec. 10.For those who have TRICARE Prime, Prime Remote or Select and wish to keep things the way they are, nothing more needs to be done.However, officials are urging retirees who have the TRICARE Retired Dental Plan provided by Delta Dental to enroll in the new plan during this time period due to the ending of the current plan. That plan, which covers three areas of benefits, can be found at TRICARE also provides some information on what they are calling the FEDVIP transition -- or Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program.The site, at, provides retirees and active duty personnel an eligibility tool to first determine if they qualify before wasting time with registration, as well as a way to enroll from the site. However, the button redirects enrollees to the BENEFEDS site, which also checks eligibility, compares plans, and allows beneficiaries to log in to change an existing plan.Additional information and enrollment can also be accomplished by calling (877) 888-3337.Tina Birch, chief of Managed Care Division at Ireland Army Health Clinic, said Ireland can provide face-to-face assistance for those still having trouble getting enrolled. The clinic has three counselors who may be able to provide some further assistance on navigating the dental and vision enrollment as well as assistance with the TRICARE open season."They will provide whatever guidance they can," said. "They're not all-inclusive, they don't know everything about the dental plan changes, but they are very well versed in the changes to TRICARE."The beneficiary counselors and assistant coordinators are located in the basement across from the pharmacy at the Patient Services Center.