A Fort Jackson unit received a "well-rounded" commander, when Col. Brian T. Beckno took command of the Leader Training Brigade in a ceremony Nov. 8 at Victory Field.

"We often misuse the term 'well-rounded,'" said Brig. Gen. Milford "Beags" Beagle Jr, moments after handing Beckno the brigade's colors, "but Brian is well-rounded."

The LTB's new leader has not only deployed multiple times in his career (a total of 51 months), but he has also been a trainer in the Army's toughest training environment -- Ranger School.

"The impact of the LTB is felt across our Army every day," Beagle said.

The unit is charged with the responsibilities for Task Force Marshall, which trains Sailors to deploy; the U.S. Army Student Detachment; the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School, and administrative support of the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Academy. It also oversees the Initial Military Training Leadership School, U.S. Army Physical Fitness School, and U.S. Army Master Resilience School.

"I'm sure you felt the weight and enormity and the magnitude of command as soon as you accepted those colors," Beagle said to Beckno. "But as of right now, and as of this minute, you're the envy of every commander on this post. You've got more time and command ahead of you than most of have."

The new commander took the podium after Beagle and remarked how he was looking forward to leading the unit and the obligations that go along with training Soldiers.

"If you listen carefully, you'll hear a cadence being sung by drill sergeants and their trainees as they keep the Army rolling along," he said. "They are America's sons and daughters and the newest generation of Soldiers. They are our sons and daughter singing those cadences."

He added that standing on "the hallowed grounds of Fort Jackson" is an honor for him.