The site and star of the 2018 Firefighting Skills Day was the Dugway Fire Department Regional Training Facility, on the southern fringe of the Ditto Area. Visitors rappelled 35 feet from the top of the four-story metal training tower, or wore turn-outs and helmet to hose down a mock car ablaze from controlled propane jets.They also watched cameras monitor the progress of a Dugway firefighter wriggling within the Confined Space Trainer: a maze of 24-inch diameter vertical, angled and horizontal plastic pipes, replicating the electrical, ventilation and access systems of large buildings. It is not available for public experience, but other fire departments may train at the year-old facility. Unified Fire Department of the Salt Lake City area, and two mining companies, are interested in training at the regional facility, Fire Chief Dave Landis said.During the two hour event, the promotion of two Dugway Proving Ground firefighters was publicly recognized: Oliver Silva, to lieutenant and Paul Greene to captain. Each received a plaque attesting to their promotion, presented by Col. Brant Hoskins, commander of Dugway Proving Ground, and Dugway's Garrison Manager Aaron Goodman.Grilled hot dogs and soft drinks were free during Firefighting Skills Day. Because of low attendance the department plans to offer it again.The Dugway Fire Department Regional Training Facility opened June 2017. Firefighters can practice forcible door entry, cutting steel bars, multi-level fires as in a hotel, chopping through a wooden roof, rescues in confined areas, rappelling and battling structure-wide fires. Training includes recognizing when it's safe to enter. High-angle rescue -- typically usedsd in mountain and scaffolding rescues -- may also be simulated.FireBlast Global, worldwide manufacturer of advanced live-fire training simulators, designed the fire training center. FireBlast, a variety of Dugway offices, the Air Force's Utah Test & Training Range and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management all helped with its construction.-30-