CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- With a round of applause from almost 200 attendees, Army Sgt. Maj. Patricia Wahl assumed responsibility as the sergeant major, Corpus Christi Army Depot, during a change of responsibility ceremony on November 6, 2018. Wahl's previous assignment was as the sergeant major of Military Assistance Program and Security Co-operations, U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, and hails from Clarksville, Tennessee. As with tradition, the ceremony symbolized the seamless transition of leadership from one non-commissioned officer to another, who upholds the mantle of responsibility to train and teach members of the Depot, ensuring Army ethics are upheld while assisting the chain of command in caring for all Depot employees, said Col. Gail Atkins, commander, CCAD. "(A sergeant major) gains the pulse of the organization in order to provide sage advice to the commander to ensure readiness," said Atkins. For 28 months, Sgt. Maj. Louis Felicioni, outgoing depot sergeant major, has filled that role as a quiet professional whose composure and personal value has resonated throughout CCAD's workforce. "(Felicioni) built trust across the depot's vast partners, to include the community and civilian leadership, the original equipment manufacturers to the members and leadership in our unions," said Atkins. That trust built fond memories of the depot for Felicioni, who remarked on his extensive time at CCAD, what he learned, and the friendships he forged. "This has been truly a great opportunity to see and learn about the Army's industrial base," said Felicioni. "I have been fortunate enough to work with two very talented commanders, two exceptional deputies, and a talented chief of staff." Felicioni's largest thanks went to the employees, or artisans, and Soldiers who make up the CCAD workforce. "The artisans and our Soldiers are greater than any group of people I have ever met," he added. That greatness is seen in the artisan's work and their understanding of the CCAD mission - to support the warfighter, said Felicioni. It truly is a team effort with many talented professionals. Wahl said she comes to CCAD with an understanding of team work and professionalism, as her career has been centered on aviation mechanics and repair. Most importantly, she is proud to have been chosen for her current assignment. "I can mark today as the highlight of my career; to be selected as the depot sergeant major is such a huge honor," said Wahl. "I am humbled to be a part of the CCAD team." Atkins was also excited about Wahl's arrival to CCAD, remarking on her presence as ensuring continuity and a state of readiness and purpose for the depot. "Wahl brings spirit, energy and focus to our depot... we are very grateful to welcome her to our team," said Atkins. Atkins praised Felicioni for serving the last of this 31-year military career with the depot, and left him with some final words of thanks. "(Felicioni) you will leave a legacy of leadership and dedication that will impact this organization's readiness for years to come," said Atkins, "Thank you for your dedicated service as our sergeant major." Felicioni is scheduled to retire in the New Year. He and his wife, Sun, plan to stay in the Corpus Christi area.