RED CLOUD GARRISON - Soldiers; Civilians and Family members crowded Mitchell's Club early morning May 7 here for

the annual 2nd Infantry Division Prayer Breakfast for the 58th annual observance of the National Day of Prayer. The

event was sponsored by the 2ID Chaplain's Fund and featured Chaplain (Col.) Kenneth Kerr, Eighth United States Army

command chaplain.

"For every Soldier gathered in this room and every Soldier in the 2nd Infantry Division, we owe a debt of

gratitude," Kerr said. "You are the men and women of freedom's frontier. You today stand in a legacy that truly is

second to none."

Kerr went on to explain for the last 60 years the Eighth Army has stood on the Korean peninsula to defend freedom

and liberty from a communist dictator in North Korea who wants to take freedom away from God loving, freedom

enjoying people.

"I was inside the national capital beltway for two consecutive tours," Kerr said. "I was at Walter Reed Medical

Center and then I was at Arlington National Cemetery. While I was at Walter Reed we experienced 9/11. I saw many of

the wounded from the first wave of global war on terrorism."

At Arlington National Cemetery, Kerr buried many veterans of World War II and the Korean War.

"They served their country when we needed them," Kerr said. "They came home after the war and continued their lives

as Civilians. I had the privilege of burying the oldest living Buffalo Soldier. A veteran of World War I, and World

War II; he joined the Army in 1917 and spent his entire career before the Army desegregated."

"After being inside the national capital and fighting that traffic there, I had to get away," Kerr said. "So, they

sent me to Seoul Korea."

Kerr went on to say he was blessed to be here in Korea and to come to Area I where some of the best Soldiers are


"House Resolution 397 was being introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives May 4," Kerr said. "It has

to do with recognizing our rich, spiritual and religious heritage in the founding and subsequent history of our

nation. The first act of America's first congress in 1774 was to ask a minister to open with prayer and to lead the

congress in reading four chapters from the word of God. In 1776 congress approved the Declaration of Independence

which had four direct religious acknowledgements referring to God as the creator, as the law giver, as the judge

and as the protector."

"Our great nation was founded by people who believed the necessity and the importance of divine intervention in

making a great nation," Kerr said. "The 38 parallel and the Demilitarized Zone stand as testimony to what you and

those who have served in this division before you have accomplished."

"May I remind you this morning we have a great God," he continued. "Put your trust in Him. When all else seems to

be crumbling around you, remember, God is still in control."