Mary E. Gaudette
Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Since the closing of its Consumer Library branch some years back, the EAMC Health Sciences Library has not been able to support the health and wellness needs of the Fort Gordon community as fully as it would like. Its EAMC fourth floor location has also limited the HSL's ability to reach out to the public. However, all that is no longer the case thanks to its recent purchase of the Gale/Cengage Health and Wellness Resource Center, "HWRC" for short.

HWRC is a consumer health resource that offers trustworthy content in a variety of formats, from print to streaming video.

Special features include a Spanish-language search filter, ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology, and the ability to translate content into 40 languages. Patients and their families will appreciate the user-friendly interface and easy 24/7 access to the latest information on a broad spectrum of health topics, including wellness, disease outbreaks, immunizations, drugs, diagnostic tests, treatments, and much more. Although designed for easy use by the general public, HWRC also has plenty to offer researchers and health professionals.

The public can access HWRC by going to and then typing the word "army" (without the quotes) in the password field. Alternately, members of the public can ask to have accounts set up by contacting the library at 706-787-4446 or 4447. While at work, EAMC staff can access HWRC via its link on the Library's IKEnet page.

In addition to providing access to HWRC, the library also supports wellness by displaying specifically themed posters each month: one located on the second floor in the main lobby; the other located across from the entrance to the third floor cafeteria. Accompanying the posters are related brochures, which are free for the taking.