ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill.-- The Army's medical and occupational health professionals serve a variety of roles to support Warfighters and Civilians. The Joint Munitions Command, which provides bombs and bullets to America's fighting forces across all military services, relies on these medical professionals to keep its staff healthy and productive.

JMC's military and Civilian employees across 14 states and 17 organic industrial base installations receive medical support from a robust network of Occupational Health (OH) clinics staffed by a mix of active duty, Civilian, and contract personnel. JMC employs 23 military personnel and more than 5,000 Civilians across the nationwide network of ammunition installations.

The OH clinics provide services that include medical surveillance, hazard exposure screening, hearing screening, vision screening, new-hire exams, fitness for duty, pre- and post-deployment exams, among other services, for employees working in a variety of environments from industrial assembly to emergency response.

Cooperation between the medical personnel and JMC leadership ensures a proactive approach to safeguarding employees from potential hazards through regular workplace inspections and implementation of tailored controls.

"The Occupational Medicine teams supporting JMC personnel ensure the safety, health, and wellness of the human engine that drives the JMC organic industrial base," said Dr. (Maj.) Frederick Hauser, JMC Command Surgeon.

JMC, headquartered at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois, provides the conventional ammunition life-cycle functions of distribution, storage, demilitarization, and production of munitions of all U.S. military services, other government agencies, and Allied nations as directed. We are here to provide the Department of Defense's joint forces with ready, reliable and lethal munitions to support global operations.

JMC provides a global presence of technical support to frontline units. The command also manages the ammunition plants that produce millions of rounds of ammunition annually and storage depots that receipt, store, and issue training and combat munitions.

JMC is a subordinate to the Army Materiel Command whose overall mission "is to synchronize and integrate the total capabilities of the vast materiel enterprise in support of the Chief of Staff of the Army's priorities," said AMC Commander, Gen. Gus Perna. "The objectives behind those priorities are: provide materiel readiness, sustainable readiness, force projection, battlefield sustainment, Army-wide sustainment and materiel development."