PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Col. Sebastien P. Joly, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District commander, and Wynne Fuller, chief of Operations Division for Mobile District, visited the USACE Resident Office at Tyndall Air Force Base, on Oct. 17, 2018 in Panama City, Fla.

Both Joly and Fuller visited the installation to assess damage to USACE Mobile District's Resident Office and meet with USACE and Air Force engineer personnel on the base devastated by a direct hit from Hurricane Michael last week.

Joly spoke on how quickly USACE employees responded to the disaster.

"I was very impressed at our USACE employees' ability to rapidly respond to support the base and begin the recovery process for our own site there," Joly said.

During the visit Joly and Fuller were able to meet with Jonathan Carr, USACE Mobile District resident engineer on Tyndall.

Carr took Joly and Fuller on a tour of the damaged USACE site office as well as introduced them to Air Force engineer leaders on base, letting them know USACE stands ready help.

"The Corps stands ready to respond and to help and to provide support in any way we can," Joly said. "We are looking forward to providing much needed support to the leaders of Tyndall in the coming weeks."

Among the Air Force leaders were Col. Matthew Jefson, 325th Mission Support Group commander, Lieutenant Col. Michael Askegren, 325th Civil Engineer Squadron commander and Mr. Brian Stahl, 325th CES deputy commander.