ALEXANDRIA, VA --The work of a handful of dedicated communicators paid off recently when the Department of Defense's (DOD's) premiere information dissemination system (InfoNet) made its debut at the Hoffman Complex in Alexandria, Virginia.
Located in Federal buildings around the National Capitol Region (NCR), the InfoNet is able to dispatch unclassified timely events and program updates using a combination of digital imagery, video and animated text on large, flat screen monitors.
A digital signage portal, the InfoNet is a source of news and information that got its start at the Pentagon. According to Alton Cheaves, Jr., Telecommunications Director, Washington Headquarters Services/Information Technology Management Directorate (WHS/ITMD), "InfoNet's history is linked to a need to provide emergency messaging to all personnel in the NCR." Cheaves added, "Such was the case during 9/11."
On hand to welcome InfoNet to the Hoffman Complex were Ralph Newton, WHS/Defense Facilities Directorate; Ms. Mary George, WHS/Information Technology Management Directorate, and COL Jim Rice, Director, U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2).
"Until recently, Hoffman Buildings I and II had not been a part of the InfoNet's information highway. "It was the observation of a new AW2 employee, just signing into the unit that made the installation of InfoNet in the Hoffman Complex a reality. During her in-processing she noticed there were no information monitors in either of the two facilities. She then brought this to the attention of her supervisor, and from there began pursuing steps to connect AW2 and the Hoffman with this amazing information system," commented COL Rice.
Viewing it as an ideal way to disseminate information, AW2 has already taken advantage of the installation of the InfoNet at the Hoffman facilities, using it to assist them in getting their message out regarding the availability of support and care for severely wounded, injured and ill Soldiers and their Families.
According to WHS sources, there are currently 23 InfoNet Systems within the Pentagon Reservation. Those systems include the Federal Office Building #2, and the Pentagon Library and Conference Center (PLC2). Regarded as DoD's premiere information tool, there is the potential for approximately 160, 000 people to view the InfoNet during any given week.