by Sgt. Kayla Alexander, 4960th Multi-Functional Training BrigadeSCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Even a unit focused on training tomorrow's leaders still needs to prepare to deploy. The 4960th Multi-Functional Training Brigade, or MFTB, recently conducted a Level II Deployment Readiness Exercise during its battle assembly weekend, September 14-16, 2018.Having recently been identified as a Ready Force X, or RFX unit, the 4960th MFTB successfully completed a Level II DRE to promote readiness in the event a deployment were to unfold at a moment's notice. What does all this mean? Chief of the Army Reserve and Commanding General, Lt. General Charles D. Luckey, identified over 600 Army Reserve units as RFX units."Ready Force X units must be ready to step out the door to meet and engage adversaries anywhere in the world...speed, agility, and sustained readiness are required in order to be in the fight within days or weeks, not months or years," Luckey stated. The main focus of RFX units is to be prepared and ready at all times by reducing pre/post mobilization timelines.By conducting a successful Level II DRE, 4960th MFTB has proven that even as a non-deployable unit, its Soldiers are always ready and prepared to mobilize with minimal preparation time. The exercise consisted of administrative updates, receiving immunizations, completing Army warrior tasks and drills, as well as completing weapons qualifications. In conjunction with the deployment readiness events, the 4960th MFTB also managed to build strong bonds by implementing team-building exercises. Comradery within a unit is just as, if not more, significant as administrative readiness when it comes to deployment."You're building not just work relationships but a family relationship," said Sgt. Joy Romero, 4960th MFTB operations admin noncommissioned officer. "When you've already established that type of relationship then it makes life a little easier when on deployment. It makes the days go by quicker, because it's like a family or friendship bond, except it's a Soldier bond. It makes a huge difference, even when you have to work long hard hours and long days in the battlefield."After two long days of hard work enhancing readiness, the Soldiers of the 4960th MFTB participated in fun-filled and competitive team building games hosted by Sgt. First Class Juan Almont-Done and his wife, Mrs. Almont-Done.Not only were the out-of-the-ordinary games fun and exciting, they fostered a bond between the Soldiers through laughter and working as a team outside of their normal duty descriptions. Everyone from the Brigade commander to the most junior enlisted Soldier participated, further boosting morale and comradery as a whole."It was really fun and positive and exceeded my expectations," said Staff Sgt. Nainoa Kaiama, 4960th MFTB instructor. "The games boosted morale and was competitive in a good way. I'm glad everyone participated, there was way more participation than I expected.""The team building event was one of the most fun Army events I have ever experienced," said Command Sgt. Major Maria Baird, 4960th MFTB Command Sergeant Major. "I think Mrs. Almont-Done should be a paid consultant and administer this to all units down to the company level. It was awesome, and we see our folks in a new light based on the skills they presented during the team building event."Upon completion of the weekend's events, the focus of readiness extended past being ready in regard to admin and Soldier tasks by also focusing on building relationships to strengthen unit cohesion. 4960th MFTB agreed that a unit cannot admit they are fully ready to deploy unless their Soldiers can also serve together cohesively. Soldiers of the 4960th MFTB embraced the "one team, one fight" motto we commonly echo.