ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Illinois -- (Oct. 16, 2018) The Midwestern Combined Federal Campaign is in full gear; federal employees throughout the Midwestern CFC area are invited to join U.S. federal employees around the world in giving back to their communities. If you haven't already, check out the Midwestern CFC website at for the direct link to donate along with great background information on this year's campaign.

This is an opportunity for federal employees to come together and show their communities they care.

Each donation made through the CFC is a way to "Show Some Love" and support the causes that matter most personally to federals employees from among thousands of local, national and international charitable organizations. This year's CFC theme embodies the caring and generous nature that federal employees have expressed during 57 years of giving. CFC has raised more than $8 billion for charitable organizations that use those funds for needy causes in local neighborhoods and assistance throughout the nation and around the world.

The CFC is the official workplace giving campaign of the federal government. Its mission is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. However, it is about more than simply "giving to charity" -- the CFC gives us the opportunity to celebrate who we are as public servants.

The CFC gives federal employees the freedom to choose how much to give, and to designate the charity or charities to receive their donation. These well-vetted CFC charities run the gamut from disaster relief, veteran services, and animal rights to cancer research, women's causes and youth development.

Department of Defense employees will no longer use "MyPay" for CFC contributions. The new online system makes for a more efficient campaign through one on-line giving system for all federal employees.

In addition, federal contractors and retirees are able to participate in the CFC. Both can also access the website, and retirees can continue supporting charitable causes through CFC via a deduction from their annuity.

This year's CFC campaign will extend through Friday, Jan. 11, 2019, which will be the last day to pledge.

Giving Portal
Consistent with new regulations at 5 CFR 950, OPM has contracted with The Give Back Foundation (also known as the Central Campaign Administrator or CCA) to develop and deploy a new secure web-based system to accept online pledges.

Federal employees can make a pledge online via the centralized giving platform at

Donors can choose a payroll deduction or a one-time or recurring monthly pledge via a credit card, debit card or direct bank transfer.

You will need to set up an account with CFC to donate online. A valid e-mail address is required, as CFC will send a verification code to your e-mail to complete the sign-up process. Either a government or personal e-mail can be used for this purpose.

Department of the Army civilians should choose "DoD Department of the Army" as the department and most employees on the installation will choose either "Army/US Army Materiel Command," "US Army Forces Command," "US Army Installation Management Agency," or " US Army Corps of Engineers (Exc Civ Prgm Fin)," as their agency.

CFC needs each user to create an account for security protection of private data. Every online pledge type involves the Office of Personnel Management communicating with a third party (payroll office or service provider or the financial institution tied to a credit/debit card or e-Check), therefore, the secure account set up is required. The same information would be needed on a paper form.

Among the Features That Started In 2017
• A donor can revise the transaction any time throughout the open season period if they become aware of a new charity or cause they want to support.
• The donor can monitor the payments throughout the year to the charities which they support.
• The donor can come back anytime for a tax receipt if needed for the IRS.
• The donor can cancel the pledge anytime throughout the year.
• The new site more closely mimics the typical e-commerce solution that people encounter in other transactions with other organizations.

2018 Campaign Enhancements
• The office/unit list has been expanded in the online pledge portal, allowing donors to attribute their pledge to the correct unit.
• New this year, donors have the option to make both monetary and volunteer pledges using the updated online giving portal.
• Online giving is now widely available. Donors will be able to complete a pledge with a few clicks, and payroll allotments will be safely transferred to federal finance systems automatically.
• Newly hired federal employees who start working outside of the CFC solicitation period can contribute using the online pledge portal within their first 30 days of employment. The New Hires Season will extend from Feb. 1 through Aug. 1 each year. For continuing pledges, a new hire will need to make a contribution during the regular CFC solicitation period.

For the first time, federal employees are also invited to broaden the impact of their gift by pledging volunteer hours to participating charities in addition to monetary donations.

Donors may pledge volunteer time, monetary donations or both to multiple organizations of their choice.

Volunteer hours may be "monetized" to count toward the total amount raised by departments, agencies, and units.

Donors can pledge volunteer hours when completing their pledge. The charity listing, both in print and electronic formats, identifies charities that are participating in soliciting volunteer time from federal employees.

Donors can search the charities that offer volunteer opportunities and indicate the number of hours they would like to pledge to the charities of their choice. Visit CFC Donor Pledge System at to search for charities that offer volunteer opportunities and pledge time.

Federal employees may fulfill their pledged volunteer time during the year following the campaign.

If the donor releases his or her information to the charity, the organization may reach out to the individual to communicate the volunteer opportunities available. If the donor did not give permission to release his or her information, the donor will need to contact the charity to inquire and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Retiree Giving
For the first time, federal retirees will have the option to continue supporting their favorite charitable causes through the CFC via a deduction from their annuity.

Retirees can use all giving options available via the centralized giving platform at or they can contact their local CFC office to obtain a pledge form.

Paper Pledges
For the next four years, donors have the option of completing a paper pledge card and submitting it to the Central Campaign Administrator giving the completed form to their Keyworker.

Paper pledge donors can give via payroll deduction or check.

Those using paper forms for their pledges may mail their completed form directly to the CFC Processing Center at P.O. Box 7820 Madison, WI 53707-7820.

Alternatively, forms can be submitted directly to the department or agency's Campaign Manager. If pledge forms are submitted to Keyworkers directly, they must be stored in a secure location until they are able to be delivered to the Campaign Manager.

Do I Have To Choose a Charity or Can I Leave My Pledge Undesignated?
Undesignated contributions are no longer permitted under new CFC regulations. Please designate your pledge to the specific CFC charity or charities of your choice.

Find a Charity
In past years, a brochure has been printed, complete with lists of national and local charities. This year, for those who use the online portal to give, the brochure is online as well.
Go to and add the charities you choose to receive your donation. You can add multiple charities to your "basket" then checkout to make the donation.

Can I Give Cash?
No, donating with cash is no longer permitted.

What Is the Minimum Contribution?
Federal employees who choose payroll giving must pledge at least $1 per pay period. The minimum credit card contribution is $10. The maximum donation amount for those pledging online via the centralized giving platform is $9,999.

For employees using payroll deductions, the contribution will be deducted in the first full payroll period occurring after the solicitation period end date. The solicitation period ends Jan. 11, 2019.