Election Day is right around the corner. The AMC Legal Center -- Warren has put out guidance covering a variety of issues and possible scenarios involved in the political arena and how it affects you as a federal employee.Here are a few situations that you might encounter:Pre-election DayQ: Can I make a contribution to the campaign of a partisan candidate? A: Yes, you may, provided you don't do this on official duty or in the federal workplace.Q: Can I canvass votes for or against a partisan candidate? A: Yes.Q: Can I volunteer for someone's campaign? A: Yes, you can volunteer for a partisan candidate's campaign, as long as you are not doing so during official hours, on official property, not using a government vehicle, or wearing an official uniform or insignia, and you don't solicit funds.Q: Can I put a campaign sign in my yard? A: Yes, you may place a sign or banner supporting a political candidate in your yard.Election DayQ: May I distribute brochures for a political party or candidate to people arriving at a polling place on Election Day? A: Yes, you can stand outside a polling place on Election Day and hand out brochures, as long as you abide by the rules regarding how close you can stand to a polling place.If you have any questions regarding the Hatch Act and federal employee activity in politics, please call us at (586) 282-5493.Most important of all, get out and VOTE!