WASHINGTON (October 10, 2018) -- The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA{ALT)), Dr. Bruce D. Jette, addressed members of the Association of the United States Army's (AUSA) Second Region Breakfast this morning about the relationship between his organization and the Army Futures Command(AFC), noting the importance of generating the right requirements in the beginning in order to deliver the best products to the Soldier. Jette said the acquisition community delivers what the requirements document states. "If a requirement came in for a vehicle with square wheels, you'd get a vehicle with square wheels," he said. "I'm required to deliver what's in the requirements document," he continued.Jette has been working with Gen John M. Murray, AFC Commanding General, to improve requirements. "We are looking at requirements documents that have integration, systems, and standards," he said, "so we can think up-front about what works with the Army, in the joint area, and with our coalition partners."He also highlighted the close ongoing collaboration between his organization's Program Executive Officers and Program Managers with the AFC's cross-functional teams.Addressing the members of industry in the room, Jette said, "If something we are asking you to do doesn't make sense, I want to know about it." He said that the Army may not "deviate," but he wants to know if we (the Army) can do better.As the guest of honor, Jette also participated in the awards ceremony that recognized outstanding chapters within AUSA's Second Region including the States of Indiana; Kentucky; Maryland; Michigan; Ohio; Tennessee; Virginia; West Virginia and Washington, DC.The purpose of the AUSA regional organization is to improve coordination, to enhance leadership in the chapters, and to provide assistance to the chapters in implementing programs and projects which support the Army, Soldiers, civilians and their families.