ROTC Cadets Deputized for Operation Reserve Rush
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ROTC Cadets Deputized for Operation Reserve Rush
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FORT KNOX, KY - U.S. Army 3rd Recruiting Brigade Commander, Col. Eric Lopez, made an appearance Sept. 27 during a 7th ROTC Brigade leadership training session to ask ROTC leadership for their help with the Army recruiting mission and to propose a competition.

The competition, centered on "Operation Reserve Rush," a 3rd Recruiting BDE initiative to increase enlistments, would serve to encourage both brigades to work together toward a common end.

"As part of Operation Reserve Rush, I have instructed my recruiters and company commanders to build better relationships with their local ROTC programs," Lopez said. "I want my recruiters be involved in your program…to be seen as value added, there to help wherever you need us."

Lopez also said that he wanted Army recruiting and ROTC to identify areas in which they could collaborate, such as the synchronization of calendars and leveraging resources, to expand the impact to reach the American public, and to help both the recruiting and ROTC programs.

"We in 3rd Recruiting Brigade also need your help," Lopez said. "I specifically want to deputize your Cadets as informal recruiters … I want them to speak to their peers from their home-towns; students who realize that college isn't right for them; those looking to pay for college or who need loan repayment; or who have a graduate degree and don't know what to do next."

Lopez then proposed a competition for Cadets to provide names and phone numbers of referrals to Army recruiters between 15 October and 15 December to conclude with an award ceremony for those Cadets who submit the most referrals.

"It's a win, win for our brigades," Lopez said, "and something we must do, work together if we are to be successful in the recruiting mission."

And so starts "Operation Reserve Rush."

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