CHIÈVRES, Belgium -- In October, the Army observes Energy Action Month. This year's theme is "Energy resilience enables Army readiness."

Resiliency is about having a strong backup plan, but it all starts by minimizing our needs so it will be easier and cheaper to fulfill them when something goes wrong.

Energy includes electricity, gas, fuel, etc. but water is also key when talking about resiliency. The first step in reducing our water footprint at work and at home is to be watchful for potential water leaks. Reading your water meter regularly may help you determine if there's a larger hidden leak. Dripping water taps, on the other hand, will not instantly have a big effect on your water meter readings but will gradually increase the consumption, which can add up to thousands of gallons or liters within a year. Last but not least, also keep an eye on your appliances (e.g. dishwasher) to identify leaks as soon as possible.

Upcoming articles this month will give you tips on how to save electricity and fuel to give you the opportunity to help us reduce the overall energy consumption and increase the garrison's resiliency.

This is what the Energy Action Month is all about, working together as a team to increase the garrison's Energy resilience and also to remind us that energy is a mission enabler and a force multiplier for a ready and resilient Army.

For more information on how to save energy, contact the energy manager at U.S. Army Garrison Benelux Directorate of Public Works at DSN 361-5186.