ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Col. Joel Warhurst, commander of Anniston Army Depot, gave an overview of depot operations and missions to the Jacksonville Exchange Club during their Sept. 27 meeting.Warhurst's presentation covered the history of the installation, from its beginnings prior to World War II, through current operations, highlighting the numerous awards and accolades presented throughout the years.Though the depot celebrated its 75th anniversary two years ago, Warhurst showcased the ways in which ANAD has continued to modernize its facilities and operations, through construction and improvement projects."We really focus on how to take the best commercial practices and bring them into the depot," said Warhurst as he discussed the Lean and Six Sigma practices utilized on the installation.The commander told the group how ANAD's mission to repair and overhaul combat vehicles and weapons ensures Army readiness and assists the Department of Defense and allied countries as well.The depot's mission extends beyond the fence line in Anniston, going wherever maintenance personnel are needed in support of the war fighters."We maintain a workforce that is ready to go where the Army is," said Warhurst as he listed the numerous countries where ANAD employees have and continue to serve.Warhurst also touched on the various missions of tenant organizations on the depot, how they work with ANAD and how their missions support the Army and the DOD.