Name: Justina Vantassel
Job Title: Program Analyst

How Long Have You Been At Honolulu District and with USACE?
Oct2016; Little Rock District Feb2014-Sep2016

What Is An Interesting Or Unique Fact About You Not Many People Know?
Danced Ballet In London

What Are Your Hobbies Or Interests?
Swimming, Scuba, Snowboard, Traveling

Describe Your Job On A Daily Basis?
Calm, Storm, Calm, Storm, Calm

What Do You Bring To The District That Sets You Apart From Others?
Variety of Federal Background Experience From Naf To Dod Contractor To Gs

Who Or What Inspires You?
My Children Inspire Me To Be A Good Role Model.

What Goals (Personal Or Professional) Do You Hope To Accomplish In Your Position?
Complete My Dodfm Cert…..And Pmp

What Are You Passionate About?
For Everyone To Do The Right Thing

After A Stressful Week, What Do You Do To Unwind?
Climbing Koko Head

What Do You Love About Honolulu District?
The Diversity of the Area of Responsibility.