Employee Spotlight: Name: U.S. Army Major Brett Fuller Job Title: Project Manager (PM)How long have you been at Honolulu District/USACE, other districts and/or experience? I started working in Honolulu District in June 2018. Previously I worked in the Kansas City District (NWK) for 3 months while I waited to attend the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. I was a PM in their Environmental Branch.What made you want to join the Army? I was a freshman at the University of Washington (UW) in 2003 and took a Leadership elective offered by the Naval ROTC program. I loved the class and really admired the Cadets and Midshipmen. I grew up in a Navy family in Bremerton, WA, but I was ultimately drawn to the people-centric nature of the Army (as opposed to the more machine-centric Navy and Air Force). I joined the Army Reserves in December after that Leadership class as well as the UW ROTC program. The rest is history!What is an interesting or unique fact about you not many people know? I grew up near Seattle and love their sports teams. Go Mariners! (Hopefully they end the drought this year. They haven't been to the playoffs since 2001 and are one of only two teams to have never played in a World Series)What are your hobbies or interests? I have two girls, Marie (5) and Olive (3), and born a few weeks ago Zelie Anne Fuller. So my current hobbies and interests revolve around time with them.Your proudest moment in your life? Holding my daughters for the first time.Describe your job on a daily basis? Problem solving. As a Project Manager every day you get to tackle challenges. It's very rewarding to help move the ball forward on a project in some small way each day.What do you bring to the District that sets you apart from others? I'm very familiar with the non-USACE side of the Army, which allows me to provide a different perspective in project meetings and discussions.Who or what inspires you? I'm inspired by great leaders. That sounds cliché, but the District is fortunate to have a lot of incredible leaders, especially in PM. It's inspiring just to work hard alongside them.What is the most rewarding part of your job and/or being in the Army? The most rewarding part of serving in this District as well as in the Army is getting to work with highly talented and first-class professionals.Highlight a notable milestone or memory in your career. I recently passed the Professional Engineering exam. COL Lestochi, the POD Division Deputy, was my first battalion commander and provided a recommendation for my PE application. Passing the exam was validation for many years of hard work and was a way to honor my supporters, especially my family.What goals (personal or professional) do you hope to accomplish in your position? Unfortunately, I only have a year with POH before I have to return to the regular Army. My main goal is to learn as much as I can about everything USACE, especially within the PPM Division.What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about my family and the Army profession.After a stressful week, what do you do to unwind, let off steam, or relax? I do my best to forget about work and just soak up time with my family.What do you love about Honolulu District or USACE? From Day 1, I felt like I was joining an Ohana! Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and helpful.