REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Since taking command of the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) on Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, July 16, Maj. Gen. Jeff Drushal said he is impressed with the command and the caliber of the workforce, as well as the community."The command is healthy," Drushal said. "The employees are very good at their jobs."The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) workforce at Redstone Arsenal and New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, and the Security Assistance Management Directorates (SAMDs) is extremely talented and very well versed in their field."Drushal also acknowledged that the workforce at USASAC subordinate organizations the U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization (SATMO), Office of the Program Manager-Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program (OPM-SANG) and Ministry of Interior-Military Assistance Group (MOI-MAG) is tremendously talented."The quality of the people we are able to recruit into those organizations is outstanding," said Drushal, who has 29 years active duty Army. "I am able to rely on their expertise. They have talented leadership in charge. With the absence of orders, they are executing my intent."USASAC leads the Army Materiel Command's Security Assistance Enterprise by developing and managing security assistance programs and FMS cases to build partner capacity; supporting combatant commands engagement strategies; and strengthening U.S. global partnerships. SATMO facilitates deployment of training teams throughout the world to provide training tailored to a country for equipment purchased through FMS. OPM-SANG provides advice and assistance in modernizing the Saudi Kingdom's Ministry of the National Guard. MOI-MAG provides advice and technical assistance to Saudi counterparts for infrastructure security requirements.USASAC's efforts directly support the Secretary of Defense's and the Army's priority of allies and partners, which emphasizes interoperability to strengthen alliances and deliver more effective coalition operations."USASAC enhances Army readiness by significant contributions to Army working capital fund," Drushal said. "The organization brings consistent production requirements to industrial bases and commercial industry, and serves as the face of the Army to our partner countries. Our efforts enhance interoperability and builds partner capacity."Being able to rely on the workforce's expertise supports Drushal's leadership philosophy: with workforce input, develop and provide broad vision and intent, then tap into the workforce's natural creativity, drive and sense of selfless service to provide initiatives to meet or exceed our agreed upon way forward."I like to create broad strategic outcomes and rely on my direct reports and the workforce to get there using the processes within the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS) to fill in the blanks for the strategic outcomes, with unity of effort and minimal supervision," Drushal said. "I am outcome focused, meaning everything we do must be related to a desired strategic outcome."Operational experience in tactical units with three deployments to Iraq, two deployments to Afghanistan and one to Kuwait gave him a first-hand look at the impact the U.S. has whether it be military, training or resources.He said sometimes communication is a problem due to remote locations and different time zones, and there is a perception that the FMS process is slow.To improve on those challenges, Drushal said he has four goals he expects to achieve while he is commander at USASAC:"First, we have to get faster. I will rely on the creative workforce to look at processes and identify where we can get faster in providing support to our partner countries."Second, operate as part of the greater AMC enterprise to ensure that FMS activities are enhancing Army readiness and not degrading it."Third, enable the depots, plants and arsenals. Make sure the industrial organization production base within the Army has access to reliable, consistent production for its customers."Fourth, develop the workforce."Another more personal goal is to enjoy his time at Redstone Arsenal."Redstone Arsenal is a nice place with good facilities, nice people and lots to do."