Andrew Rader U.S. Army Health Clinic will begin extending their school and sports physical appointments June 1. The appointment will last 60 to 90 minutes, and is necessary for most schools, especially if children are playing sports.
Staff urge parents to schedule their appointments early, so people can get them out of the way, and not create a backlog at the end of summer.
''If you wait until August to try and schedule your appointment, you might not be able to get in as early as you like," said Theresa Atmore, head nurse for the Rader Pediatric Clinic. ''If you schedule it now, then you won't have to worry about it later, when you might not be able to meet a certain deadline."
The Virginia school entrance form may be downloaded from the health department's Web site at
www.vdh.virginia.govAcA "epidemiologyAcA "immunizationAcA "documentsAcA "schoolform.pdf , or your county's Web site. Sports physical forms may also be downloaded from your school or county Web site.
Rader Clinic staff asks that parents fill out the parent portion of the form prior to arrival. There is no physical requirement for entrance into public high school or middle school in Virginia.
''We have to schedule an appointment within 28 days, but if you wait until late summer, it can be too late for certain sports like football, which start in early August," Atmore said. ''Summer is also a big time for people to PCS [permanent change of station] into Fort Myer, so they're also trying to get spots."
The following must be brought to the physical appointment: the child, a military ID, shot and medical records, glasses or contact lenses if necessary and the physical form with the parent section completed.
Children must be accompanied by a parent. To book an appointment, call 703-696-7951.