By Alfreda Alexander AMCOM G3/5 Emergency Management-Continuity of Operations OfficeThe U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command activated their plan to educate employees about the benefits of emergency preparedness, Sept. 13.In honor of National Preparedness Month and the Ready Army Awareness Campaign, the members of AMCOM's G3/5 Emergency Management Continuity of Operations Office celebrated AMCOM Ready Day with an informational display and hand-outs."We want to make sure our employees know the importance of being prepared for an emergency," said AMCOM Emergency Coordinator, Alfreda Alexander. "We are lucky that we don't live in an environment that is impacted by hurricanes, but we could be impacted by tornadoes or other severe weather. So, each year in September, we put together a campaign to remind employees the importance of having an emergency kit, making a plan and being informed.Throughout September, the EM/COOP team is publicizing the 2018 themes on the Sparkman Center monitors and on the AMCOM Facebook page."Each week is a different theme that helps employees think about what they need to do to be better prepared for an emergency," Alexander explained. The themes for 2018 areWeek 1-Make and Practice Your Plan Week 2-Learn Life Saving Skills Week 3- Check Your Insurance Coverage Week 4-Save for an EmergencyThe AMCOM Ready day was a tremendous success, according to Alexander."We had immense support from the workforce. Even before our 10:30 a.m. start time, employees were stopping by the booth to pick up Ready Army hats, lanyards, information packets, FEMA pamphlets and treats," Alexander said.The EM/COOP team also had several examples of homemade and commercial off-the-shelf readiness kits for the employees to view so they'd have an idea of what's available."AMCOM is committed to safety and the command depends on each team member to fulfil his or her responsibility to ensure individual, family and mission readiness in preparation for the next disaster," Alexander said. "As we work together, the level of community preparedness will only increase our resilience."For more information on National Preparedness Month, please call (256)876-5662 or email