FORWARD OPERATING BASE PROSPERITY, Iraq - Three Forward Logistics Element Soldiers with the 398th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion were trained on the technical operations and maintenance of Kalmar's Rough Terrain Container Handler here, to assist in the movement of shipping containers during the loading and unloading from transport trucks. Staff Sgt. Brian Wilson, a Meadville, Pa.; Staff Sgt. Justin Gondeiro, a native of Geyser, Mont.; and Staff Sgt. Dorothy Hightower, a Warner Robbins, Ga. native, were taught how to use the material handling equipment to help improve their mission of movement operations and function more efficiently. The FLE operates a supply point, ammunition storage, fuel point, and maintenance area as part of their operation is assisting in the transportation of equipment and supplies around the Baghdad area. Staff Sgt. Lee Mickleberry, a native of Richmond, Va., the FLE support operations maintenance noncommissioned officer in charge contacted KALMAR representatives to conduct the unit's training and support. The KALMAR representatives provided in-depth training on the equipment maintenance and operator level operations such as how to properly conduct preventive maintenance checks and services while offering operator tips to better employ the equipment safely. The training was successful and showed initiative on the part of the unit to prolong the use of its equipment and to improve its capabilities. The KALMAR RTCH is capable of picking up 20 and 40 foot shipping containers weighing up to 53,000 pounds and loading the containers onto a truck or rail for transport. A major part of these Soldiers mission requires moving large shipping containers which can carry many types of supplies needed to sustain units in the Baghdad area.