FORT RILEY, Kan. -- The Soldiers of the 287th Military Police Company, 97th Military Police Battalion, were welcomed home by their friends and families Sept. 6. The company, returned from a nine-month deployment in Germany.

"Our mission was support to Operation Atlantic Resolve," said Capt. Gabriel Moriega, 287th MP Co., commander. "The basic concept is, we provide military police support to the infantry, armor and any other forces that go to attack and destroy the enemy. We give them support throughout Europe in an effort to deter any aggression from other hostile countries, in conjunction with our allies both in NATO and multinational partners."

Moriega said one of the main, and first, challenges his Soldiers faced was language.

While other countries are good at learning English, Soldiers needed to learn to give a little bit and understand them as well. Other countries cultural differences and mentality provided another obstacle for Soldiers to adapt to.

"Not everyone thinks and operates the same way the U.S. does," he said. "We needed to be able to understand them and seamlessly integrate ourselves to the way they operated."

Another and maybe the most obvious challenge, Moriega said, was just being away from home.

"The Soldiers were not only excited to see their families, they were also excited because it's good to come back to where you're from," he said. "Coming home, always feels good, and coming home to the people that care about you, feels better."