Members of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) gathered around booths in the headquarters lobby Sept. 12, for SDDC's National Preparedness Month Preparedness Fair.

Organized by Ellen Ramsey, the G3 Operations Directorate's Emergency Manager, the fair highlighted various aspects of lifesaving skills that are critical to our safety.

Organizations attending the event included the 375th Air Mobility Wing's Air Force Emergency Management Program, Medical Group, Risk Management Group, Operational Security, and Anti-terrorism personnel, along with the SDDC Chaplain and U.S. Transportation Command's Emergency Management Personnel.

Since 2004, National Preparedness Month has become an annual campaign that takes place every September to further Americans' awareness on how to take precautionary steps when preparing for emergencies and disasters.

These steps include having knowledge about health risks in your local area, active shooter readiness, natural disaster preparedness, lifesaving skills such as CPR and first aid, insurance coverage tips, and more.

Ramsey emphasized the importance of "having a game plan", as we are "constantly being plagued by some sort of catastrophe."

Expressing her concerns, she added that most people will only "think" about taking action rather than actually taking it. The goal is "awareness and engagement, we want people to be committed to actually taking action," she said.

Ramsey added that preparedness is key to SDDC's ability to deliver readiness and lethality for warfighters around the globe.

"If we can have our employees and their family members prepared and taking the necessary steps beforehand, then they will be able to recover in a timely manner, which helps the employee get their mind back on the mission and, in turn, helps support the warfighter."

Military personnel, civilians, contractors, and their families can find additional resources through their local Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and many other local and global resources.