POLAND - The 181st ASMC is the first National Guard unit to operate this aid station in Poland which required the mobilization of all its soldiers and equipment. This allows the unit to effectively provide support to other soldiers from various branches of the armed forces who are mobilized or stationed in that country.

"We are extremely satisfied with the work that our soldiers have been doing in Poland. The Puerto Rico National Guard has shown that it can maintain a balance between its state and Federal missions, even after Hurricane Maria, during which this unit was extremely engaged. However, we were able to reorganize and successfully prepare this unit for mobilization while simultaneously responding to the needs of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane," said the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Brig. Gen. Isabelo Rivera.

In recent days the Assistant Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Brig. Gen. Narciso Cruz, and the State Command Sgt. Maj., Command Sgt. Maj. Juvencio Méndez, arrived to Poland to meet with the Puerto Rican Citizen -- Soldiers. While there, they learned about their experiences gained from this mobilization, as well as their "Saber Strike 2018" exercise in June where they provided medical support to soldiers deployed to Latvia and Lithuania. Troops from Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and the United States also participated in this exercise.

"The outstanding job done by our soldiers shows their high level of commitment and professionalism. They are performing an extremely important mission, not only for their fellow soldiers of partner nations, but for the entire Department of Defense", said the PRNG State Command Sgt. Maj., Command Sgt. Maj. Juvencio Mendez.