VILSECK, Germany -- Army Field Support Battalion - Germany conducted its first annual Brigade Logistics Support Teams University in March, here.

AFSBn - Germany provides and coordinates tactical and operational sustainment for U.S. Army Europe units, ensuring their readiness and ability to conduct the full range of military operations.

The battalion extends logistical expertise through its BLSTs and Logistics Support Teams.

U.S. Army Sustainment Command, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, U.S. Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, U.S. Joint Munitions Command and Communications-Electronics Command technicians provide, along with AFSBn -- Germany, the framework for BLSTs and LSTs and ensure that team members are up to date with current tactics, techniques, and procedures.

The BLST-University is designed to enhance the capabilities of BLST and LST members.

The courses consist of a variety of topics related to logistics and essential leadership skills, and provide logisticians with an opportunity to train, confer, and enhance their readiness capabilities.

The training serves as a stimulus to ensure that logistics professionals are current on the practices, policies, and procedures of their occupational specialty.

BLSTs and LSTs consist of one military team chief and eight to 11 civilian employees from the Logistic Assistance Program. The flexible, modular and deployable setup enables the team to operate successfully in an expeditionary environment.

BLSTs are assigned to support brigade combat teams and combat aviation brigades while AFSBn - Germany's LSTs support a specific region within the U.S. Army Europe footprint.

The teams augment existing logistical capabilities of a brigade. They are responsible for managing all U.S. Army Materiel Command's activities and oversee logistic assistance operations in the garrison and combat field environments.

LAP focuses on the early detection and resolution of logistic related problems that may affect unit and material readiness. LAP performs logistical assessments in coordination with the supported commands to determine current status, historical trends, and to provide corrective and preventative measures for improving unit and command readiness.

Also, LAP provides a wide-range of support to units and their soldiers in the garrison before, during and after deployments, including exercises, natural disasters, contingencies, and war.

Units interested in obtaining logistics readiness support may contact the AFSBn-Germany Support Operations Office at DSN: 314-599-6509/6508, CIV 09641-70-599-6509/6508. The SPO will coordinate with the pertinent BLST or LST for the requested support.

The BLST structure will be evolving in the near future with AFSBn Logistic Management Specialists in a more predominate role.