DETROIT ARSENAL, Mi. - As an active duty Army wife whose husband supports the Overseas Contingency Operation, I understand the importance of recognizing the contributions made by our Military Spouses. It is not fame or fortune that fuels us; it is love-the love for our spouse, the affection for our friends, and the devotion to our country. The strength of our Nation depends on this love, so much so that a day is set aside each year to show appreciation to our Military Spouses.

Army Community Service (ACS) brought the vision of the U.S. Army Garrison-Detroit Arsenal "Customer Focused - Quality Service" to life by celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day. On Thursday, May 7, 2009 Arsenal employees enjoyed an eye-catching patriotic table display, complete with balloons, cake, and informational brochures. ACS staff members were also on hand to thank Military Spouses for their service.

The following day ACS hosted a luncheon at Mulligan's Restaurant to give Military Spouses the opportunity to share in each other's camaraderie. Wives from all branches of service enjoyed the tasty cuisine and were invited to fill their complimentary goodie bags with pamphlets and booklets about family life, deployment, and employment readiness programs. The agenda also included an interactive presentation which re-introduced Army Family Team Building (AFTB). Various situations dealing with military protocol, etiquette, communication skills, finance, and acronyms-all topics which are addressed in AFTB-were presented to the group, and spouses enthusiastically shouted out responses. Door prizes completed the event and lucky winners went home with hanging flower baskets and hand-made quilts.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a reminder to all that the commitment and love of our Military Spouse is recognized as a valuable contribution to our Nation. On behalf of the Garrison and business groups on the Detroit Arsenal, we thank all of you who selflessly make a difference every day. We appreciate our Military Spouses!