DTMS Launches New and Improved Landing Pages

By Ms. Sarah Schwennesen, CAC-T, TMDSeptember 11, 2018

Training Statistics
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The Digital Training Management System (DTMS) announced significant updates to the Battalion and Brigade Landing Pages in August. These new and improved landing pages are designed to provide Battalion and Brigade level users the ability to review and manage the majority of their organization's training data in a single location, by limiting navigation and providing simplified ways to adjust data.

"The August release applied many new changes and features to the DTMS core software. New functionality includes an improved ability to upload and archive user documents, an ability to create and re-use pre-defined Unit Evaluation Rosters, a Consolidated Report Center, Brigade and Battalion Landing Pages, an ATMS Performance Report that assesses the user's workstation network connection, and an ability to manage Dual Personal ITRs (i.e., RC Solider that is also a DAC)," said Mr. Reginal Richard, Army Training Management Systems Help Desk Branch Chief.

Mr. Richard added, "Expanding on the field's reception of the Company Landing Page update earlier this year, the new Brigade and Battalion Landing Pages provide Battalion and Brigade level users the same ability to review and manage a majority of the organization's training data in a single location, thus reducing required navigation and providing simplified ways to adjust data. The Report Center also provides an extremely powerful means to easily pull unit data from DTMS through a series of reports."

The Landing pages feature a new 'Wizards' and 'Quick Links' section, the user can select from the Schedule APFT, Range, Event, Task, Record Soldier Training, and Task/Met Assessment Wizards. Additionally a shortcut to the 'Schedule Event' page is also available.

It is further organized using four tabs across the top of the page. Each Tab offers additional quick views and capabilities:

The 'Home' tab provides a quick reference to system and command generated alerts, assigned personnel breakout and Wizards to complete various functions to include recording training completion.

The 'Training Schedules' tab provides a quick reference to current scheduled training and subordinate unit training schedules, with the ability to approve training schedules as well as schedule training.

The 'Training Statistics' tab provides quick reference to current MET assessments, with the ability to record new assessments and view subordinate unit MET assessments, current weapons qualification statistics for Individual, Crew Serve, and Platform weapons, Army Physical Fitness Testing (APFT) results, Height/Weight and Mandatory Training Tasks/Requirements.

The 'Planning' tab provides quick links to Combines Arms Training Strategy (CATS) tools enabling the unit to schedule CATS-based training and to develop a CATS-based Unit Training Plan.

The current Company Landing Page already provides all the same capabilities, except for the Planning Tab that takes the user directly to CATS. This capability will soon be added to the Company Landing Page.

For more on the new landing page capabilities and the latest detailed DTMS Release Notes visit the ATN at https://atn.army.mil/unit-training-management-(utm)/dtms-knowledge-base/release-notes.

Web-hosted DTMS training can found in the DTMS Knowledge Base, at https://atn.army.mil/unit-training-management-(utm)/dtms-knowledge-base.

A fully-staffed TMD Help Desk is available, from 0500-2100 (Central Standard Time) Monday-Friday and from 0800-1700 (Central Standard Time) Saturday and Sunday, to assist leaders in proper training management and recording assessments. Contact the TMD help desk at (913) 684-2700, DSN: 552-2700, or toll-free at (877) 241-0347 for assistance; email assistance is also available at: usarmy.leavenworth.cac.mbx.dtmshd@mail.mil.

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