Written by 1st Lt. Nate Morrison, Field Artillery Squadron, 2d Cavalry RegimentVILSECK, Germany -- Sgt. Vincent Torres is a steadfast professional. Currently serving as the training room non-commissioned officer for Phoenix Troop, Field Artillery Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment, his responsibilities include updating the troop task tracker, processing awards and non-commissioned officer evaluation reports, and proofreading memorandums. While serving in this position, Torres has developed a knack for catching a number of common errors that Soldiers in the troop make when preparing memorandums. Additionally, he serves as the troop's Digital Training Management System representative, schools NCO, Hazardous Material Certifier, Field Sanitation NCO, Family Readiness Group Liaison and Container Control Officer.His favorite part of his job is spending time with his leadership because they provide new and additional knowledge. The breadth of his additional duties illustrates the trust that his leadership has in his abilities. "Sgt. Torres is a center of gravity for the troop," said Capt. Beverly Hendel, commander, Phoenix Troop, FA Squadron, 2CR. "[He is] mature NCO who takes on key functions and can handle multiple duties."A native of Yonkers, New York, Torres' father worked as a mechanic and his mother worked as a clerk at a private school while also raising him and his three sisters. At the age of 18 he dropped out of high school and began working in the restaurant industry, returning a few years later to complete his high school diploma.After graduation, Torres enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist because he "wanted a better future." The dynamic opportunities available to 92Fs, including ground and aviation operations, initially attracted him to the military occupational specialty.The best experience he's had so far in his career has been deploying to Liberia, Africa for five months in support of Operation United Assistance. While in Liberia, Torres performed his duties in order to support the U.S. Army effort to provide aid to those stricken by an ebola outbreak. Now, he says he's still passionate about his MOS."I love smelling jet propellant eight while drinking coffee in the morning," said Torres.While Torres has enjoyed his time as a training room NCO, he is looking forward to his next assignment at Fort Stewart, Georgia, where he intends to find a position as a fuel section sergeant. He recently re-enlisted for six additional years of service, three of which will be spent at Fort Stewart. Afterwards, he aims to become a U.S. Army recruiter, because he wants to be able to help young people have the same experience that he's had. Wherever he serves, Torres will continue to be an asset to the U.S. Army.