Department of the Army Mobilization Processing System-ADOS (DAMPS-A)

What is it'

DAMPS-A is an unclassified web application developed by G-3/5/7, DAMO-ODM, to initiate, track, and approve reserve component (RC) volunteer packet requests for contingency active duty for operational support (CO-ADOS) tours. DAMPS-A allows RC soldiers and force requestors to submit packets on-line. Information is digitally extracted from authoritative databases to complete required data personnel fields then submitted electronically for command endorsement. Endorsed requests are then transferred into DAMPS-S for HQDA approval.

What has the Army done'

The Army continues to streamline the process by which we bring RC volunteers onto active-duty. It's been a team effort. In 2003, G-3's technical support team (Team DAMPS) built the original DAMPS-S system, a classified web application that accepts manually scanned RC CO-ADOS volunteer paper requests for HQDA validation and approval. In 2008, Human Resources Command sponsored a Lean Six Sigma ADOS initiative which included stakeholders across the Army. That effort led to simplified manual ADOS procedures that reduced and standardized document requirements across component. The L6S team further advocated completely automated procedures for ADOS. DAMPS-A makes automated procedures a reality.

DAMPS-A was developed and fielded by Team DAMPS in June 2008, piloted with First Army last fall, and continues phased implementation Army-wide. Team DAMPS has conducted training with commands on DAMPS-A packet submission, routing, and processing. To date, 90 percent of the targeted USAR commands and 70 percent of the state ARNG commands have been trained on how to use DAMPS-A. Over 4,000 contingency ADOS packets have been electronically submitted and packet processing time has been reduced by 85 percent!

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future'

DAMPS-A helps the Army achieve our goal of a completely paperless process in filling all ADOS positions. HQDA will also soon launch an effort to consolidate all volunteer opportunities for RC Soldiers into one web-based job finding service- more on that initiative soon.

Why is this important to the Army'

DAMPS-A eases the process for RC Soldiers who volunteer and the units that need them. Automating ADOS will enhance Army operational readiness and improve support of overseas contingency operations. Every RC packet submitted electronically saves money and time by eliminating paperwork and getting RC volunteers onto active-duty faster. DAMPS-A is a force multiplier for the Army.


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