The 208th Transportation Co., out of Marana, Ariz. recently completed their annual training here in support of the Army Reserve Combat Support Training Exercise.The unit's mission was to provide logistics support in the form of Class I, food and water, and Class V, ammunition, to units operating during the training exercise. The unit also transported vehicles and equipment."Although faced with a multitude of challenges, it was really nice to see the unit come together and perform our Army mission in this environment," said Capt. Eric Hall, commander 208th Transportation Co.According to Hall, the unit covered more than 5,000 miles worth of transportation missions over 20-day period, and the experience his gained was exactly what they expected."This has been something to different to gain the confidence that if we're called, we're prepared whatever the mission calls for," said Spec. Cody Stanek, 208th truck driver.Annual training tends to bring the best out of Soldiers and units that get an opportunity to display the skills and tools that they've acquired throughout the year at battle assembly. "Our command has made sure we got the training at home statin has allowed us to be successful out here," Stanek said.During their 20-day CSTX, the 208th received logistics missions, changes to those missions, new missions and even additional missions, but preparation and professionalism by their Soldiers and strong leadership from their officers and noncommissioned officers allowed the unit to be flexible and successful with so much change."It's really a testament to the platoon leadership who put our Soldiers in position to be successful in this environment," said Hall. "Army Reserve planners and OC/Ts (observer-controller/trainers) do a really great job of putting you in situations to test the mettle and resolve of your unit."