FORT GORDON, GA. -- Soldiers assigned to C Company, 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade have been chosen to support the Global Response Force mission and are in the process of preparing to assume the responsibilities and duties inherent of this mission.The Global Response Force, or GRF, is built for rapid response to unforeseen or, more specifically, unplanned operations. Selected Army airborne forces provide a large portion of the GRF and are dependent on joint and supporting Army units such as C Company, 67th ESB."I've started training my Soldiers in the art of rapid deployment," said Capt. Earvin Burrell, C Company, commander. "Beyond that ensuring technical and tactical proficiency is paramount to this mission. Deploying quickly with signal professionals ready to contribute once boots hit ground."A rapid deployment force is a military formation capable of quick deployment of its forces, typically these units are trained at a higher intensity than the rest of conventional units."Our operational tempo has increased since receiving the warning order for this mission," said Burrell. "We are conducting equipment inspections to ensure the tools these Soldiers need to be successful is ready to go on a moment's notice as well as team training to ensure overall team readiness so we can send anyone, anytime, anywhere.""We recently executed training in South Carolina in which we connected two Tropospheric Scatter Radio systems from 80 miles apart," said Burrell. "When we assume the duties of the GRF we will be ready and waiting to answer the call of the nation."C Company, 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 35th Signal Brigade will assume the mission of supporting the GRF this fall. Soldiers of the 35th TTSB are ready now and are the most rapid deployable signal troopers in 18th Airborne Corps, (U.S. Forces Command), and perhaps even the United States Army. At this very moment members of the Lion Brigade are deployed to Southwest Asia, South America, Africa, and throughout the Middle East while also providing world class expeditionary communications in support of multiple combatant commanders as well as the global response force.