ARLINGTON, Va. - The collective strength of the Army has always depended on its people, with their mental and physical resilience as our core. As missions change, the Army's commitment to its Soldiers remains the same. This commitment has resulted in the Army making constant strides towards providing the best care to all Soldiers and veterans, regardless of their component.

The U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program is a critical, integrated component of the Army's Warrior Care and Transition Program responsible for providing support and advocacy for the Army's severely wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers, veterans (Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard), and their families and caregivers. AW2 is a congressionally mandated program that executes the Recovery Coordination Program for the Army's wounded, ill, and injured population. Non-clinical services for this population extend beyond medical care to address several core domains, including: financial, education, employment, assistive technology and other transition areas pertinent to the Soldier, veteran and their families and caregivers.

Since 2008, the Active Army and U.S. Army Reserve have operated separate Recovery Coordination Programs, causing confusion and duplication of services. In an effort to improve the care and management for all Soldiers, the USAR RCP will be re-aligned under the Army Enterprise Recovery Coordination Program effective September 25, 2018. The Army Enterprise RCP will be overseen by AW2, coordinating services for all Soldiers regardless of component.

"The Army Enterprise RCP, removes barriers to create one Total Army enterprise," says AW2 Director, Col. Terrance Johnson. "The consolidation of RCPs broadens our scope and increases our reach, but most importantly ensures our wounded, ill and injured Soldiers, veterans and their families have access to the best care and resources the nation, our Army and our communities have to offer."

AW2 operates with staff at 38 military treatment facilities, installations and Department of Veteran's Affairs locations world-wide, an expansion from the USAR's current 16 service locations. These additional locations will increase access to recovery and transition resources by placing the support closer to the Soldier, veteran and their families and caregivers area of residence. AW2 staff includes non-clinical case managers serving as Recovery Care Coordinators) and Advocates. RCC's and Advocates provide assistance throughout treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and the transition process. They empower and guide Soldiers as they either return to duty or transition as veterans to federal, state and local agencies within their communities for enduring support.

After completing their initial transition from service, AW2 eligible veterans will continue to be assisted by an AW2 Advocate where they will receive support and services until they have been fully transitioned to veteran status and become AW2 Alumni.

"The goal of our Program is to facilitate our wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers and their families and caregivers in achieving the highest degree of independence possible based on their new normal," says Mr. Reginald Coffey, Recovery Care Division Chief.

To learn more about the Army Wounded Warrior Program, contact the AW2 Contact Center at 703-571-2662 or To learn more about Warrior Care and Transition visit