The first Monday of September, also known as Labor Day, is dedicated to the contributions American workers make on a daily basis, year after year to keep our economy strong and preserve our prosperity. Since 1894, this day celebrates workers along with their accomplishments and achievements throughout the years . Take this weekend to enjoy much deserved time off.

Labor Day weekend usually signifies the end of summer, providing one last chance for BBQs, road trips, and campouts. In Cochise County, monsoon season is beginning to decline, but continue to be cautious of high winds and lightning storms that may occur in the area. Drive safely and have a plan. As you enjoy this weekend, ensure you are well rested when driving and have a designated driver if you are drinking.

Leaders must be involved and know what Soldiers and subordinates are doing this weekend. Ensure personnel have contact information in case of an emergency; engaged leadership keeps everyone safe. Most accidents and incidents are preventable with preparation and planning.

CSM Robinson and I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to the Fort Huachuca Team. Relax and enjoy these days off. Return from this long weekend healthy, well-rested and energized. We want everyone serving at Fort Huachuca to return safely.

Always Out Front and Army Strong!

Command Sergeant Major, USA

Major General, USA Commanding